.Net Core Software & DevOps Engineer in Dublin, Ireland

.Net Core Software Engineer in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m a DevOps Engineer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I specialise in the Microsoft Azure platform and come from coding and development background primarily in Microsoft technologies such as C#, ASP.NET Core and SQL Server.

I am experienced in the development and deployment of solutions for the e-commerce, automotive, hospitality and financial industries that have proven track records. Many are still being used to process hundreds of millions of euro in transactions yearly in on premise, AWS and Azure cloud environments.

We have in-depth experience developing in distributed, scalable and performant microservices that have been proven to support highly concurrent, high volume and scalable software solutions.

One of my favourite tasks is specialising in refactoring older codebases, reducing technical debt, simplifying business logic to improve performance and readability and introducing tools and processes that automate CI/CD processes – all to make development teams better, faster and happier.

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My email is nev@nev.ie or SMS/WhatsApp on +353873378109